Round up of Creative web projects

The web is full of creative people producing amazing things and this is a round up of some of the projects that have recently caught my attention.

FontBomb by Philippe-Antoine Lehoux

Have you ever wanted to blow up the content of a webpage? No me neither until I discovered FontBomb, which allows you to do just that, and boy is it satisfying.

By creatively using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript this bookmarklet by Philippe-Antoine enables you to plant bombs by clicking anywhere on any webpage, then watch in anticipation as the timer counts down to an awesome explosion of text in all directions on your screen.

Next time you’re annoyed by a comment on a webpage, or are just looking for a fun way to pass time, I recommend you check out FontBomb. Set the timer and run here

ASCII Street View by Peter Nitsch

Using Google Street View and WebGL, this project by Peter Nitsch takes text-mode art to a whole new level. Want to see your city or your house beautifully rendered in ASCII? Just type in your address, pick a colour mode and watch in awe as you feel like you’ve entered the Matrix, all whilst maintaining the interactivity of Street View.

You’ll need a browser that is capable of supporting CORS WebGL textures such as Chrome or Firefox to view it and WebGL is largely hardware dependant so you may find older computers struggle to smoothly render it.

Find it at here and thanks to @create_oblivion for showing me this one.

Toasty by Edward Price

Nostalgia alert! Those of you who remember the original Mortal Kombat from their button bashing days, may remember the delight at witnessing the Toasty Guy, who would pop up from the bottom right of the screen and say “Toasty”, after you delivered a sweet uppercut to your opponent.

Toasty by Edward Price is a script that enables you to add the Toasty guy (real name Dan Forden) easter egg to your website and is activated using the Konami Code JS.

Edward is also a student of mine and did a fantastic job recreating this infamous easter egg. Read about the development here and check the action out for yourself.

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  1. lincruste on said:

    That would be in MKII, not the original one.

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